A-CUTE DERM Pro-C Elite Serum w. Ferulic+ (20% Vitamin C) 1 oz

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1.00 Ounces

Pro-C Elite Serum with Ferulic+ is a high potency anti-aging skin care cocktail with Vitamin A, C, & E and added nutrients. A-CUTE DERM's most potent topical Vitamin C treatment at a 25% concentration. This is an essential vitamin that is needed to help stabilize collagen production within the dermis. This vitamin is formulated lipid soluble so there is no irritation to your skin. A-CUTE DERM helps fight UV damage deep within the skin. A-CUTE DERM Pro-C Elite Antioxidant Serum has the ability to work with other anti-aging products simultaneously. Leaves your skin with a remarkably healthy glow. This product will also deliver Hyaluronic Acid, topical psuedo-Collagen and peptides to improve the skin's health. 1oz

DIRECTIONS: Use sparingly on the face, around the eyes, the delicate neck and lip line areas after cleansing face. Allow to dry. Use one daily during daytime, can be used twice daily for more severe issues. Shake well before use. KEY

Ingredients: Ascorbyl Methyl Silanol - A stabilized form of Vitamin C, delivered in high concentration, it aids in skin repair, collagen production, and skin lightening and brightening.