Agera Recovery 21 Day Trial Kit

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3.40 Ounces


MagC Peptide Serum (.5 oz trial size) is formulated to deliver a high dose of stabilized Vitamin C, in various studies high doses of Vitaimin C as been shown to increase collagen synthesis. Contains a powerful peptide which further enhances this products ability to produce an even-toned, healthier, younger-looking complexion. 

Ultra Mild Cleanser (2 oz trial size)Cleanses without stripping away natural oils. Non-abrasive and non-irritating designed for sensitive skin use.

Ultra Moisture Complex (.3 oz trial size)  is a rich and elegant moisturizer designed to hydrate give resiliency to dry and mature skin.


Recovery Complex (.3 oz trial size) -  is formulated to help speed recovery post-procedure or after over exposure to the sun. It soothes, calms, and reduces redness associated with skin resurfacing procedures such as micro-dermabrasion and AHA peels.

Daily Moisturizing Protector – SPF 25 (.3 oz trial size) is a multi-function sunscreen that protects and moisturizes by providing full spectrum protection against UVA and UV.