Rosa Graf Multi-pulle Peeling

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For performing an enzymatic exfoliation. Please use only in connection with the Rosa Graf Mineral Mud Mask , do not apply to the skin in a pure state!

The Peeling concentrate is not suitable for the iontophoresis. It is based on a pure vegetable enzyme complex, obtained from fruit such as papayas and lemons. It removes the dead horny cells not yet shed and leads to a finer, fresher cultification.


Mix approx. 0.21 Oz. Mineral Mud Mask with 10 ml distilled water and stir well. Then add: 0.5 - 1.0 ml  (For sensitive skin), 1..0 - 1.5 ml (For normal skin), max. 2.0 ml (For thick/oily skin) Multipulle Peeling.

Stir well, apply with a brush and allow to take effect for 10-15 minutes.  Keep the Mask moistened with steam or compresses.



NEVER apply pure concentrate. Conclude the treatment, always condition with a Cleansing Tonic appropriate for the skin type.