Skin Care Philosophy: Delivery is the Key
Deliver The Ingredients Correctly For Maximum Effect and Impact!
Deliver components that impact and effect both Cell Quality and Cell Production (Cell Metabolism)

We believe that skin care should be an all encompassed approach providing ingredients and components to maximize our natural ability to reproduce new, quality skin cells. In attacking all aspects of beautiful skin, we formulate to address cell metabolism and cell quality by providing building blocks to restore or maintain your best skin. Many products today have the latest extracts and affective active ingredients; however, most are not able to correctly deliver these ingredients effectively into the epidermis and subcutaneous where they are readily assimilated and able to perform the task for which they were formulated. We address this, all to often overlooked problem, by addressing one of the most important aspects to a truly effective skin care formulation….the delivery system YE-X. TMR has spent years perfecting and seeing the amazing results of utilizing potent extracts and powerful active ingredients and how they truly transform and impact skin condition when correctly and precisely delivered. Our formulas are, small batch, and specialized to deliver what science sees in the laboratory because we ensure that ingredients reach their destination and impact the basis of skin, the skin cell….truly creating…The Miracle Result!